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Moving X.X also new love?

2012-05-31 23:47:30 by xxsweetnspicyxx

I think I'm going to fucking die! We have so much bull shit that it's not funny! Almost done though, thank the fucking Gog! Also in the time I have been away I have fallen back in love with one of my exes (FUCK) but he is amazing and I he loves me back :) I just do not understand my own logic in things like this. Gog. I feel like an idiot. Thank you internet people for reading my crazy rants. You guys are the best :) So as I was saying I have fallen back in love and I kinda hate myself for it. The first time we where together it ended with him just being a TOTAL dick. He basically dumped me because of what other people had to say about me. ( Admittedly I WAS kinda nuts but that changed when I got my shit together and actually calmed down I think I was okay) Now its been 4ish years we went to school together for 3 of those years and this last year we hadn't spoken until I was emailing my whole contacts list and he ended up replying. That was back in early March I think. We have been talking everyday since then and have gotten close again. He told me he fell back in love with me a few weeks ago and I didn't know how to respond now though I think I've fallen for him again T.T I don't wanna be in love. He is perfect for me though. We like the same things and are going to be moving in together here in the next year or so. (If I don't neither of us fucks up.) Well now you are all up to date on my life (why you'd want to know is beyond me) Sorry this was so ADD but I have it :3 see you guys later :D


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