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Forgive me.

2011-12-22 23:01:07 by xxsweetnspicyxx

forgive me for the words i say
for the things i do
many see my death as a good thing
others see my life as an abomination
they all see me in their nightmares.
the families
the children
the loved ones
all of whom have hurt.
Forgive my sins and my evil heart.
forgive my life as a killer
forgive me.
that is all i ask.
- James Wolf Song.

In this world there are many strange things. I am one of them. An animal but at the same time a human being. I can not pretend to be something that i will never be. I was born into a tribe of warriors long ago. Before buildings rose into the sky. Before the air smelled of sulfur and oil. Before this world was polluted by the thought of whom they call "Holy Men". My family was here. My Tribe lived deep in the woods among the animals and plants. living for ourselves and others. In a time when my people where worshiped by the scrawny humans for bringing them food and teaching them how to live on their own. I however was not one to do a kindness to these creatures. I was tried as a murderer many times. And many times have i fled. I will not run this time. For i have killed one of my own. My grandchild. Just a small bundle. A halfbreed. I would not allow it. My pride for my pack and my pride for my family would not allow this thing to live. Now though exiled from my people I have no one. So please , Forgive me.

Forgive me.


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2011-12-23 19:50:37

Woof. This post contains some interesting themes... although (imho) human's ultimate destiny isn't with the earthly bound critters and concerns, but of higher ideals that can carry one's soul to a higher existence (not religious, jus sayin').

But I really came to comment on your last posted work (the Harry Potter fan fic). I thought the descriptions and course of events were well described and composed (a big plus). I'm a bit jealous of that.

Spell check and an effort to punctuate and capitalize in the final draft would be very important. I thought the sex scene at the end was okay, though it needed some paragraphs to break up the action, much like a film would with various shots. (How polite of the character to pull out and spunk on his belly!) A purvy piece, to be sure, with lots of action. It stands by itself; there wasn't many extraneous plot devices to lend itself to further additions.

Hmm, I hope I was helpful. Not used to literary reviews since high school.

Best wishes to you and yours this holiday!


2012-01-01 13:18:35

Interesting song it sounds like a Christran song with the forgiveness of sins stuff personally its not my thing since im a witch but thanks for the post.