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Together (Harry Potter Fan Fic)

2011-12-20 18:08:30 by xxsweetnspicyxx

I told some people id put this up because wattpad banned it (how was i soposed to know that it was overly explisit!)

"Everyone expects me to be something great.... Just because my dad is Harry Potter." sighed James Arthur Potter to his best friend Ronald Gorge Weasly on their way to their first year at Hogwarts.

James looks a lot like his father did when he was that age except his eyes where bright blue like his mothers and the fact that he had lots of light brown freckles. James wore glasses like his dad but he was very different from his father. James is quiet and sweet, But muscular for his young age. He and his father played Quittich a lot at home.

" I cant really say I know how you feel James. My dad was just the best friend." Ron replied back. Ron looked very different from his father he was slightly tan and had bushy hair like his mother only his was a startling red. He had his fathers build though tall and gangly and slightly clumsy at times.

As they walked to platform 9 and three quarters he looked at the wall with a knowing smile. For behind this wall was the Hogwarts express. The great scarlet train that brought students to Hogwarts every year. As the two families walked through the deserted train station they had no fear of being seen. This terminal had been shut down for years.

"James Ron! Wrong-" called Harry Potter as his son and Ron ran headlong in to the wrong wall.

"Ron!" called Hermione Weasly as she saw her son sitting on the ground rubbing his head.


"Boys Hurry! The train!" said Harry as he walked through the barrier.

"Coming dad!" he yelled "Come on Ron!"

"Coming!" they both called

About an hour later as the pair sat in the very compartment their fathers had met in all those years before they heard someone coming down the hall. James looked out the compartment to see and there he was. Small slim figured with longish white blond hair and already in his school robes. Draco Malfoys son Casius Malfoy.

"Hi" said Casius with a smile as he saw James standing there gawking at him. James at this single word, was hooked.

"H-hi. I'm James Potter." he said back timidly "whats your name?"

"I'm Casius Malfoy. Its nice to meet you James."
"James?? Who are you talking to??" said ron as he peered out of the compartment

"Ron this is Casius Malfoy." said James introducing his new acquaintance.

"Malfoy? Your dad... Hes Draco Malfoy isn't he? Hes gotta be! You look just like the guy in the yearbook picture!"

Casius frowned and muttered "yeah...he is..." then turned around and started to walk away.

"Wait! Casius! Where are you going???" asked James grabbing Casius' shoulder.

As james did this Casius' light blond hair brushed his hand for a split second and James' veins felt like they had been lit on fire.

As casius felt this simple touch he slowly turned his head and confusedly said "Away. When everyone else found out who my dad is they told me to go away... I thought id leave before i had to hear those words again."

"I wasn't going to tell you to go away. I was going to ask you to sit with us." said James as he looked in to Casius' bright teal eyes

"Oh. Are you sure?" asked Casius

"about what?" said James slightly confused

" that you want me to sit with you."

"positive. Who cares if your dad is Draco Malfoy? Mines Harry Potter. Just because your parents where great or if they where scum it doesn't matter. They aren't you." said James glad to finally have someone who knew how he felt.

All Casius could do was stare at this amazing boy in front of him. The boy who's father and his father hated each other for years.

"Now lets go get your trunk." declared James

"O-okay um its at the back of the train. That's where i got on."

" Wow and no one would let you sit with them?!" said Ron surprised Casius looked down and James elbowed Ron in the side.

"Come on lets go get that trunk" said James cheerfully

"Okay..." said Casius as the two started to walk down the train towards the very back.

As the pair walked along the train all Casius could do was listen to James' smooth almost adult voice.

As they approached the back of the last car harry saw Casius' trunk and noticed it still had Draco's initials on it. "I hate this thing. It still has dads initials on it I've asked him to buy me a new trunk but we where tight on gold. so i got this" Casius said kicking the old trunk.

"I can fix the initials on it. My dad taught me tons of muggle tricks on how to get magical things off stuff. I have some stuff in my bag that dad packed me. Mum says I don't need it but dad thinks I do." said James timidly.

"realy?" and with that one word Casius, for the first time, looked up and straight into James eyes and smiled.

"Really really." said James smiling back.

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When James and Casius got back to their compartment they saw that Ron had fallen asleep. James smiled and put a blanket over him. "Wow I cant believe this is really happening to me. I am going to the best school and I made a new friend!" he said smiling at Casius whom smiled back

" You know you should smile more."
"Hmm?" said Casius as he looked up to see James getting his trunk down and opening it.

"you should smile more. You look different when you smile." He said getting the rubbing alcohol and a scrubby pad put of his trunk.

"I do?" said Casius looking up at him.

" You do."

James then knelt down beside Casius and asked him to turn the trunk on its side so the letters faced up. As he proceeded to clean the trunk with the alcohol drenched scrubby pad he started talking about how his aunt Hermione and hid dad had taught him all these cool muggle tricks that worked when magic didn't.

An hour later

"James... "muttered Ron suddenly waking from his nap

"ssshhhh... casius just fell asleep" said James looking longingly at the beautiful face of the boy next to him.

"come here then." said Ron motioning him over. James then got up and silently walked over to his red haired friend "are you really going to hang out with him?" he asked.

"of course i am. Why wouldn't i? Hes fun to be around." said James slightly ashamed of Ron for asking such a question.

"well he is Draco Malfoys son. He could be just like his dad."

"no. I don't think he is. Or ever will be like his father, just like ill never be like mine...."

suddenly the lights got very bright. And the train slowed to a stop. Casius whom had been awoken by the train looked around and saw James and Ron sitting so close together, blushed and looked away.

"b-better start getting off before we get run over." he said quickly.

James who looked up at the small blond smiled and led the way off the train. Leaving their luggage behind as instructed by their fathers.

"what house do you think you will be in???" asked James excitedly as they walked out onto the platform at Hogsmane station "I hope I'm not in Huffelpuff. I really don't like the idea of a badger being my mascot." he said laughing.

"I know I'll be in Griffindor. All the Wesley's are." Ron said thinking of his aunt and uncles and cousins.

"My dad kept telling me i would be in Slythren because I'm a Malfoy."said Casius quietly

"Oi! you the first years?" called a fimilar voice over the crowd

"UNCLE HAGRID!!!" called Ron and James at the same time happy to see the family friend again.

"James! Ron! Over here!"

"Come on Cas!"said James grabing Casius' hand and pulling him through thr crowd tward the game keepre Rubis Hagrid, whom both Ron and James had known all their lives as uncle Hagrid. When the boys got there James and Ron wraped their arms aroung the giant and they where on their way

Once to the huge oken doors a small witch came out and squeeked "OH! Look at all the cute little first years! Come on! Come on! In! In!" the tiny witch squeeked again. as she rushed inside beconing the children to follow her.

as they got inside James, Ron, and Casius looked around for the first time at the huge castle.

" I am professor Samara! It is soo nice to see so many new faces! Now let me explain about the sorting!" The tiny Witch said happily " We will all walk in together straight down the center and i will call your names and as each name is called you will come to the front and sit on the stool there. I will place the Sorting Hat on your head and it will sort you in to your houses. Now about the houses. There are 4 houses, Griffindor, Slytheren, Huffelpuff, and Ravenclaw. they all have corresponding tables. as you are sorted into your houses you will go to your table and sit and thats that! Again welcome to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry!!" Professor Samara squeeked at last.

As they walked into the Great Hall they where amazed once more. Looking up all they could see was the bewitched celing like the clear night sky out side.

"Wow...." said Casius in amazment "look how beautiful"

james looked up and then at Casius and smiled "yea beautiful."

They soon came to a stop and saw it. The Sorting Hat on a low stool on a small platform. They where soon all wondering how on earth this grubby hat was gonig to sort them. then sudenly it began to sing.

"In times of old, when I was new,

And Hogwarts barely started,
The founders of our noble school
Thought never to be parted.
United by a common goal,
They had the selfsame yearning
To make the world's best magic school
And pass along their learning.
"Together we will build and teach"
The four good friends decided.
And never did they dream that they
Might some day be divided.
For were there such friends anywhere
As Slytherin and Gryffindor?
Unless it was the second pair
Unless it was the second pair
Of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw,
So how could it have gone so wrong?
How could such friendships fail?
Why, I was there, so I can tell
The whole sad, sorry tale.
Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those
Whose ancestry's purest."
Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose
Intelligence is surest"
Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those
With brave deeds to their name."
Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot
And treat them just the same."
These differences caused little strife
When first they came to light.
For each of the four founders had
A house in which they might
Take only those they wanted, so,
For instance, Slytherin
Took only pure-blood wizards
Of great cunning just like him.
And only those of sharpest mind
Were taught by Ravenclaw
While the bravest and the boldest
Went to daring Gryffindor.
Good Hufflepuff, she took the rest
and taught them all she knew,
Thus, the Houses and their founders
Maintained friendships firm and true.

So Hogwarts worked in harmony
for several happy years,
but then discord crept among us
feeding on our faults and fears.

The Houses that, like pillars four
had once held up our school
now turned upon each other and
divided, sought to rule.
And for a while it seemed the school
must meet an early end.
what with dueling and with fighting
and the clash of friend on friend.
And at last there came a morning
when old Slytherin departed
and though the fighting then died out
he left us quite downhearted.
And never since the founders four
were whittled down to three
have the Houses been united
as they once were meant to be.

And now the Sorting Hat is here
and you all know the score:
I sort you into Houses
because that is what I'm for.
But this year I'll go further,
listen closely to my song:
though condemned I am to split you
still I worry that it's wrong,
though I must fulfill my duty
and must quarter every year
still I wonder whether sorting
may not bring the end I fear.
Oh, know the perils, read the signs,
the warning history shows,
for our Hogwarts is in danger
from external, deadly foes
and we must unite inside her
or we'll crumble from within
I have told you, I have warned you...
let the Sorting now begin"

"What the hell..." said James under his breath as he listened to the Sorting Hats' song.

When the song ended students where called one by one up to the Sorting Hat.

"the first few where in Griffindor and then some in Slythren but as Professor Samara called

"Malfoy, Casius"

the entire room went silent then burst out in to what sounded like angry snakes.

"go on youll be fine." whispered James smiling at the small blonde.

Casius' legs felt like lead and jello at the same time as he walked to the front of the room through an aile made of glaring eyes. when he got to the stool Professor Samara lifted the Sorting Hat and he sat down. Then the Sorting Hat was placed on his head.

"Curious...." it wispered in his ear. "you are a Malfoy but you do not have their asperations. Where to put you....." it was silent for a moment then shouted "SLYTHEREN! "

with a sigh of relief Casius went to the Slytheren table and sat down.

To James the next few names where a blur until finaly

"Potter James!"

As he looked up he saw everyone stareing at him. he walked bravely with his head held high to the stool. he felt like he was going to faint. sitting on the stool was a relief because he didnt have to stand.

"another Potter?" the hat said quizicly "Hmmm.... you are not like your father... you are more cunning more dark... you have lived in the shadows of your father your whole life and wish to be set apart...to be diffrent. i know where to put you..." then it shouted "SLYTHREN!"

The whole room was quiet as James got up and walked over to the Slythren table and sat down. The silence was sudenly broken by the net name being called.

"Snape Leona!" the tiny witch shouted and a small black haired girl walked up and sat down. She smiled at the crowd as the Sorting hat called out "SLYTHREN" before it even touched her head.

As the night drug on James and Casius where still waiting to hear Rons' name be called. Then at long last

"Weasly Ronald!" was called as he hurried up knowing that the entire school was waiting to hear what house he was in so they could eat. he sat down on the stool and waited for almost a minuet efore the hat said to his surprize "SLYTHREN!" his head shot up as the entire school burst in to applause.

He went and took his place next to James.

"Wow I thought all Weaslys where in Griffindor." said James scarcasticly

suddenly a very old woman stood up in the front of the room.

"Hello and welcome to another year at Hogwarts! I am Professor Leannah Ford I am also the Head mistress here. I have a few announcements as well as an introduction for this years staff. The anouncements first though. This year our school will be hosting a ball on Christmas eve if you wish to stay you are welcome to if you will please sign up with Professor Samara. and now an introduction, May we please give a warm hand for a returning teacher and dear friend of mine Severus Snape!"

Ron and James looked up and saw a greasy haired man stand up from behind the table take a bow and sit back down.

then as the head mistress sat back down the plates filled with the feast.

"James! damn it wait up!" yelled casius running across the great hall trying to catch James Potter.

"come on Casius! Were late AGAIN!!!" the black haired boy called back over his sholder "if we are late again Heimitch is going to kill us!" he said doubling back and grabing Casius' hand pulling the blushing little blonde boy with him.

"James i-" he tried to say as he toppled over bringing James down with him just as the bell rang.


"i know... sorry i made us late." he said sadly looking up at James blushing harder.

"its okay cas. we should have left earlier anyway." looking back at him seeing how sad his sweet green eyes where he put his finger under casius' chin and lifted his head as he smiled and thought how wonderful it would be to kiss him and instantly blushing.

"J-james... are you okay?' said casius his heart pounding

'Im fine. i just... nothing " he said getting up and holding out his hand to help casius up. as casius grabed james hand he could feel the slight heat that radiated from his soft hands. sudenly he was pulled up and found himslef walking with james in to their transfigurations class. luckly Professor Heimitch was notoriouly late for class.

after class ended they had their first free period of the day so James, Casius and Ron went out to the lake. ron who was still uncomfortable with Casius being there had begun to hang around with a girl names Leona Snape. soon after they got out to the lake she showed up and sat down nexxt to ron and started talking to him about their previous class. James got up and began to walk around the lake Ron and Leona stayed close to the shade tree but Casius trailed after him.

"James...." he said timidly "was there a girl you liked at home?"

"hua? a girl?" he said stopping for Casius to catch up with him. "not realy... Rons into girls already but im just not." he said laughing it off.

"I know how you feel. all my other friends are in to them and i just dont get it. my dad thinks im weird because im not a playboy like he was." said Casius sadly "Im never gonna be good enough for him."

"hmmm... i know this is realy weird but earlier when we fell... i uhhaaa....i..... nevermind..."

Sudenly Casius stopped and looked at James' blushing cheeks and did somthing he knew he was going to regret.

"I like you." he blurted out

james turned around so quickly he almost fell in to the lake.


" I have a crush on you James. I have ever since i saw you on the train, and now that i know you better its been hard to be around you because i am just so confused and i-i-i-i... i just dont want you to not be my friend." he said almost sobbing as he sat down on the ground.

james walked over to him smiling as he knelt down and took Casius' hand in his then taking a deep breath he looked up in to the small blondes tear filled eyes and quickly pulling him in to a tight hug. Casius just sat there bewildered for a second as the guy he was slowly falling in love with hugged him...

"James..." said casius now crying into his friends sholder.

"shhhh.... Look at me Cas." he said hoping against all odds that Casius was not joking. As Casius looked up he tried to smile and look like he was okay.

"Casius." said james smiling, then all at once it seemed like they where floating instead of sitting on the castle grounds. As James sat there bewildered by this beautiful boy he never thought it for a second that he would love him back.

"Casius... I love you." said James sweetly as he lent forward and kissed Casius on his pale pink lips. For a moment Casius thought he had died and gone to heaven but then he realized that James, the boy of his dreams, was kissing him. He closed his eyes and smiled and wraped his arms around his neck kissing him deeper.

Later that day after classes had let out james and casius are in the comon room studying for their first test when ron walks up "hey...." he says
"Hey ron! Havnt seen you since break this mmorning! What hapened to you?" said James smiling.

" Ummm....James can i talk to you...?" he said motioning over to n empty corner as james got up he smiled at casius and said

" sure ron... Ill be back in a second cas." and walked over.

"James... at break... was i seeing things or where you realy snogging Casius? I hope i was seeing things because hes a dude, and youre a dude... and well im just a bit confused here about how that works..."

"shit... i knew this would hapen. you know how i was never interested in girls like you are?"

"yea what of it... dad says youll grow into it"

"I wont. that is i dont want to... i just dont see girls like that. I see boys that way. i looked it up and ron i think im gay. i liked kissing casius today and he liked it too." said James looking down

"WHAT?!?!?!" yelled ron making the entire common room look at him and James

"Ron!" james said through gritted teeth as he covered rons mouth. "just shut up and listen!" he continued. "please ron before you go and tell the whole school about it think about how it would feel to you_"

"no James its wrong." Ron blurted out. " it wouldnt matter if it wasnt a fucking MALFOY. but it is and i-i I just dont know how to take this. Just leave me alone for a while." he said then got up and walked out of the deongon.

James walked back to the love-seat and sat close to Casius gently laying his head on the blonds shoulder and closing his eyes. "he saw us kiss...." James said quietly so only Casius could hear it.

"Oh... is he mad? no don't answer that stupid question i saw the way he stalked out of course hes mad.... James..." he said as he put his arm around James shoulders and held him close "he really matters to you doesn't he?"

"Hes my best friend. we grew up together. What if my parents react the same? This is all my fault..."

"no its not Jay. Its more mine than anyones. If I wasn't such a girl i could have held it together better but I'm just so weak around you. It feels like i cant control my emotions with you here even now i am fighting back the urge to kiss you and comfort you like i should be doing but we are-!!!"

he was suddenly cut off by James's lips meeting his for a long minuet they sat there enjoying the feel of each others lips and bodies pressed together.then all too soon James broke the kiss. Sitting there for a long while just holding each other gently and smiling they sat there until the common room emptied.

"James??" sid Casius groggly as he looked around the common room in which he was the only one left in. He got up and imeadately noticed a note to him.

"Cas, gone to look for Ron be back soon Love James."

well then.he thought as he went up and layed in his bed and waited for James to return

Walking deeper in tho the castle James found himself in the 5th floor library wandering around under the invisibility cloak his father gave to him right before the start of the term.

damn it where is he!? ive looked all over this bloody castle and oh-! he thought rounding a corner and seeing Ron at last. but he was with someone is that leona? he thought ducking down behind a book shelf as the pretty black haired girl looked over Ron's shoulder and stared off into space behind him.

"whats wrong?" he heard ron ask

"nothing i just thought..." she said as she smiled and looked back at him leaning closer.

"I never thought a girl could affect me this way Lea" said ron as he lent in and kissed her lips gently.

At that moment james ran. he ran all the way back to the dorms and when he came to the door he said the password and ran to his bed, which had someone in it. As soon as he saw how bad James looked Casius jumped up and ran to him almost pulling him to the bed.

"what hapened? did you find him?" asked Casius sitting down next to james

"yea... hes with snape......" he said an odd expression on his sweaty face then as suddenly as he entered the room he burst out laughing.

Casius stares at him for a moment trying to figure out what was so funny then he realied that Professor Snape had a daughter and she was with a Weasly. and started laughing as well.

"James?" said casuis in a sultry voice "Kiss me." he demanded. and leaned closer to him "i want you to kiss me right now" he said this just inches away from James lips.

"Cas-!!!" he tried to say being cut off by the soft lips of the small blonde. As they kissed james was a bit more dareing and atempted to lick casius' lips sweetly and in doing so casius took it as a sigh that James wanted entry and with James on top of him he slowly leaned back to lay on the bed their lips parted slightly and a low moan escaped James' lips as his stiff member rubbed Casius' leg. casius smiled and giggled and layed down fully pulling James on top of him. as things got steamier james sat up and pulled the smaller boys shirt off reviling his smoothe pale chest then taking off his own he lent down and kissed his chest making sure to pass his tounge over casius nipples a few times illisiting a giggly moan from the smaller males lips. Casius then pulled james' shitr over his head making his thick black hair fluff.James smiled as casius tossed aside his shirt. Casius sat up and gently pushed james against the head board and looked at him his eyes filled with lust and hunger. Casius then began to undo james's pants and open them when he did he was surpride to find that james had a rather large and noticeably stiff cock. As he looked at it he began to wonder how it would feel if he grasped it acting on lustful instinct he put the tip of his finger on the head of the long shaft and moved it in a circle making James gasp and moan with pleasure. James then put his hand on the back of casius' head and began playing in his hair pressing the little blonds lips ever closer to the tip of his throbing member. James had never has his cock sucked before and wanted to find out what the inside of another boys mouth felt like. casius couldnt stand it any longer he began to swirl his tounge around the head of his mans thick long stem then let his lips gently slide over it still rolling his tounge around and pressing his head ever further down on the hot meat in his mouth. James' member throbed and jearked as Casius made his way down it finaly feeling the back of Casius' throat hit the tip of his dick James could hold it no longer and spurt his hot cum in to Casius' mouth and let it slide down his legs and down ,he noticed, the blondes throat. When casius was done he felt like he could do only one thing to make them even. So james pulled the smaller boy up to his mouth and kissed him passionately as he pulled his legs over his own having Csius stradel him he could already feel him self getting stiff again as he sliped the boys pants off and rubbed his tight ass slapping it and spreading the cheeks then rubbing his tight little bud. Casius moaned and felt precum slide down his cock james brought his hand to the front and used the precum to lubricate the tight hole he wanted so badly to enter. "James..." moaned Casius as he felt the black haired boys finger go into his tight ass and back out. Prodding and probing he felt no pain as james inserted another finger and began to finger fuck his ass harder and harder untill the blond was moaning with pleasure and begging to have James' big thick cock in his tight tender little ass. Soon James was rock hard again and began to push his stiff cock towards casius' little pucker. He then lifted the smaller by up and set his ass gently upon his cock then pushing upward he felt the tip penitrate and casius tighten around his cock "JAMES!!!" cried casius weakly as he felt the shaft begin to slide deeper in to his hot ass he began to pant and moan as his ass reached the base of James' cock and he pulled it half way out and began to slowly and gently fuck this young boys tender ass. "james... Oh james! Harder!" he said in to the bigger boys ear as he wraped his arns tighter around his neck. Hearing this he sped up with no fear of hurting Casius. Soon James felt casius seie up and a warm liquid slide down his bare stomach as Casius came feeling this he came in the small blonds ass. Pulling out and feeling casius' little sweaty body slump against his own. He breathed a small sigh and layed down next to him already falling asleep when he heard, no louder than a whisper, casius say " I love you James."

***Yea i know its suuuuppppeeeerrrrr long but if you read it you'll be happy i hope. Yes it is a gay romance so dont judge and im a girl by the way. that is me in the pic and i can prove it.


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